We offer you a career with a future. At Funke Security & Service you have the opportunity to get trained up to become a specialist in the security trade.

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In addition to our diverse range of training courses and seminars, we also offer everyone who is interested the chance to train full time with us to become a ‘Protection and Security Specialist’ (3 years) or ‘Protection and Security Customer Service Specialist’ (2 years).

When you choose a career in the security trade, you are choosing a profession that requires a high degree of motivation and a great awareness of responsibility. At the same time what awaits you is interesting, varied work that never becomes routine and where every day presents you with new challenges.

Get in touch and we’ll gladly give you all the information that you need about course content, requirements and career opportunities for the following apprenticeships:

  • Protection and security specialist
  • Protection and security customer service specialist

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When Funke Security & Service have the opportunity to be trained as specialists in the security industry.

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