A person’s health is his or her most valuable asset.

Personenschutz bei FUNKE Security & Service

For us that means using all means available to us to ensure that our clients come to no physical or psychological harm.

A level head, anticipation and absolute readiness for action are of extreme importance in the area of personal protection, as any kind of inattentiveness or false assessment of a situation can have serious consequences.

We therefore provide you both for private and public occasions with thoroughly professional personnel, specially trained for the role, on whom you can rely in every situation.

We perform the following work both on a general basis and as part of personal protection:

  • Bodyguard services
  • Kid guarding
  • VIP services
  • Conference protection
  • Crisis management

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Jobs -
Careers at Funke.

When Funke Security & Service have the opportunity to be trained as specialists in the security industry.

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