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Projekt Sichherietstechnik FUNKE Security

Technical devices that serve security have always been essential to ensure the individual and collective security.

The burglary and fire alarm systems have now become a fixed part of every contemporary building and the retail industry can also hardly be imagined without video surveillance systems nowadays.

FUNKE Security & Service therefore specialises its security technology area to meet the requests of our customers to an even greater degree. To this end, the focus will in the future be, in particular, on burglary alarm systems (EMA) and on video surveillance. To this end, we will present a complete security technology concept by the end of 2014, which will range from a risk analysis to a risk assessment through to planning and on-site installation and will offer sector-specific solutions. To this end, an accompanying service will also be expanded which will be even more in line with the matters and requests of customers.

To implement these requirements, our employees will be trained within and outside the business and also be given further education so that we can install security technology in Dortmund and its surrounding areas in an even more competent and individual manner.

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